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Maison Sivo, A Family Story

Maison Sivó began the adventure with its excellent whisky; L’essence du Single Malt. Since the release of this Single Malt from Quebec in October 2015, Maison Sivo found its way into the micro-distillery world. Seductive and intriguing, Maison Sivo’s branding will charm you this winter.

Sauterelle Design, creative agency, worked to create a strong, animalesque and mystic symbolic which depict perfeclty Maison Sivo’s genuine universe.

For winter 2016, Maison Sivo gives its all and will surprise you with its new products. 

-L’essence du Rye; spiced whisky with subtle wood accents


-Rebel, le Moonshine du Rye; pure and gentle, with exotic pepper aromas


-Shaman; herbal liqueur with a floral and powerful taste


There is something for everyone! Maison Sivo will charm you!